Alexander Stoddart FRSE b. 1959


Alexander Stoddart is Sculptor in Ordinary to The Queen in Scotland, an honour he received in 2008.

Born in 1959 in Edinburgh, he attended the John Neilson School in Paisley, then entered the Glasgow School of Art in 1976, graduating in 1980 (BA Hons, 1st class). His postgraduate studies were carried out at the University of Glasgow 1980 to 1983. Shortly thereafter, Stoddart began work as a sculptor in Paisley, working for private clients.


His first architectural sculptures date from 1989, in strict neo-classical style, and his first public monuments were commissioned in 1992, developing a heroic-realist style for historical costume works. During this time, Stoddart commenced a long-term lectureship, giving public talks in Scotland, England and America on various aspects of sculpture-making, from technique to design and theory.

Stoddarts work looks at Irish and Scots Ossianic subjects from a neo-Grecian formal standpoint, and he has completed essays in neo-Florentine, "New Sculpture" and even Baroque styles. Subject-matter extends into the Hindu corpus, with associated studies in philosophical Buddhism, ancient and modern forms of existentialism and Christianity.



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