Sir David Young Cameron RA RSA HRSW RE 1865-1945


Cameron's style was individual and altered little during his life. His palette was the only element that changed quite radically: from sober and muted greys and browns in the first decade of the twentieth century to vivid blues, reds and gold in the 1930s. From the beginning of his painting career, however, he eliminated extraneous detail which gave his landscapes an ascetic splendour and drama.

Cameron's attitude to colour changed in 1921/22 during a period spent recuperating from a heart attack in the south of France. Like many before and after him he saw light and colour in a way he had not done before. On his return to Scotland he filled his pictures with glowing, vibrant colour. In a way the flamboyant colouring might seem incongruous with the austere, pared down landscape he painted and yet he always remained true to what he saw.



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