Anne Redpath OBE ARA RSA 1895-1965


Born in the Scottish Borders in 1895, Redpath studied at Edinburgh College of Art in 1913. A post-graduate study led to a scholarship, which allowed her to travel around Europe and the Mediterranean, visiting Bruges, Paris, Florence and Siena. It was here that she developed a modern approach to achieving different textures in her surfaces even scraping the canvas with a small piece of chain-mail that she kept in her studio.

In 1950, Redpath moved to Edinburgh from her native Borders. Still life painting was particularly important to her at that time and almost half of her exhibits were flowers in vases and jugs or potted plants on table-tops. Writing about Redpath's work in 1965, Terence Mullaly noted that 'pinks and greys, mauve and lilacs are colours which she commands. Equally remarkable is Anne Redpath's use of white. I have now for several years lived with a large still life by her which is in effect a study in white. It is a picture of beauty; handled with boldness, indeed bravura. It combines to a degree today rare decisive use of paint, an uninhibited delight in its qualities, and a respect for the thing seen.'



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