True to Nature: Trees in Scottish Art

23 September - 12 November 2022 Edinburgh

Trees, as an extension of the natural landscape, have been weighted with meaning throughout the history of art. Over time allegory gave way to the decorative and picturesque. The broader meanings and metaphors, however, remained. Our exhibition, starting with Alexander Nasmyth (1758- 1840), looks at paintings by Scottish artists and how they’ve used trees either as their subject, or as features within a composition.


Alexander Nasmyth HRSA, Julius Caesar Ibbetson, 
Rev. John Thomson of Duddingston HRSA, Patrick Nasmyth, 
William Leighton Leitch, Horatio McCulloch RSA, 
Sam Bough RSA RSW, William Hackstoun, E A Walton RSA PRSW, 
Alick Riddell Sturrock RSA, James Cowie RSA, 
Sir William Gillies RA RSA PRSW, Barbara Balmer RSA RSW, 
John Byrne RSA