Rituals: New sculpture by Tim Pomeroy

18 November - 23 December 2021 Edinburgh

For Tim, ritual is a multi-layered term. On one level, the process of sculpting with its repeated, meditative motions of carving, smoothing, refining forms a sort of ritual, paying reverence to the material being worked. On another, notions of ceremony and mysticism are embedded in the forms these works take having been inspired by Neolithic objects whose purpose has been clouded with time. Closer to home, coastal formations and fossil fragments near his studio on Arran are transposed into sculptural forms. 


Born in Hamilton in 1957, Tim Pomeroy attended Gray’s School of Art from 1976-81 and has worked as a full-time artist since 1983, becoming one of Britain’s foremost carvers. A new book about the artist has been published to coincide with the opening of this exhibition: Tim Pomeroy by Nicholas Usherwood with an introduction by David Bell. Published by Stephen Morris, the 112 page hardback is priced at £30 at The Fine Art Society.

Installation Views
Virtual Exhibition