John Byrne: Moonshine

18 November - 23 December 2016 Edinburgh

Painted in 2016, the works in this exhibition marked a transitional moment in John Byrne's evolving creativity.


Still capturing glimpses of familiar faces: the Teddy boy and the blonde from 1950s Paisley, the cityscape with graffiti and smoky towers, the black guy with a fedora, the self-examining artist. However, these inhabitants of the back streets of Paisley accompany the artist - and the viewer - towards other narratives of Byrne’s subconscious. The scenes are nocturnal; the light of the moon illuminates mysterious woodland and blasted trees. In others, the light casts shadows on city corners and shifty encounters. And yet, despite the literal and metaphorical darkness, somehow the works are infused with a palpable energy.


Perhaps, as the artist said in an interview a year ago, this has to do with the fact that "he is coming into his own now and his life is much more serene".

Installation Views