The Glasgow Boys

2 October - 14 November 2015 London

The Glasgow Boys presented a selected exhibition of paintings by those artists central to the group and others who, inspired by the vanguard's daring and rejection of the establishment. 

Inspired by the painters of the Barbizon, the Hague School and French Impressionism, these artists worked in a modern European way. The first phase was led by James Paterson and W Y MacGregor who tended towards social realism. Included in the show is a newly discovered oil on canvas by MacGregor, Harvest Moon, painted in 1882 near Dunottar on the east coast. Accompanying it will be a number of watercolours by Paterson. The second phase had a more decorative element and E A Walton, James Guthrie, Arthur Melville, Joseph Crawhall, John Lavery and E A Hornel were central to it. Pictures dating from the 1880s and 1890s by some of these artists, including a significant large scale watercolour by Crawhall, will demonstrate why this group achieved fame and success and changed the course of Scottish painting. 

The show ran concurrently with the Scottish National Gallery's exhibition, Arthur Melville: Adventures in Colour which The Fine Art Society  supported.