The Art Jeweller: From Castellani to Knox

9 - 13 November 2015

The Art Jeweller presented an exhibition of nineteenth and early twentieth-century jewellery, in the line of previous jewellery designers exhibitions held at The Fine Art Society between 1900 and 1987.

Many of the artists in this exhibition  have become familiar to our patrons over the years. Jessie M. King and Archibald Knox especially, two artists that can be described as the artist jewellers exhibition celebrated.

The extensive crossover and merging of artists and jewellery designers was specific to the mid- to-late nineteenth century and can only be said of a small number of jewellers before this time. It is during the period covered by this exhibition, roughly 1860 to 1920, that jewellery was raised to the rank of fine art and, by extension, that jewellers came to be considered artists.