The Edwardians: The Golden Years Before The War

7 December 2011 - 7 January 2012

The Edwardians featured work by artists working from the turn of the century and into the first years of the First World War. Highlights included 'In the Orchard', a watercolour of c.1908 by Dame Laura Knight, a clear expression of the "joie de vivre" which the artist confessed on moving to Newlyn, a magnificent scene of 'Piccadilly Circus at Night' by William Burn Murdoch, and a group of paintings by the rarely seen Mabel Pryde, James Pryde's sister and William Nicholson's first wife, of her children at the dressing up box. James Pryde's dramatic 'Red Ruin' is a symbol of the change marked to country and nation with the outbreak of War.

This exhibition also featured works by artists including Henry Scott Tuke, Sir William Nicholson, Sir William Orpen and Paul Nash, all illustrated in an accompanying catalogue written by Professor Kenneth McConkey.